The Essential Table Saw Tips You Need To Learn

The Essential Table Saw Tips You Need To Learn

Are you working with table saw? This fancy equipment doesn’t belong exclusively for professional carpenters. There are many DIYers who own the table to create their own furniture. If you belong to the second group, then you will need these tips to optimize table saw function and minimize the accident.

Knowing the Feeding Direction

The first thing to learn is the direction of the blade. Read the manual book carefully. For some newbie, it is probably quite difficult to understand the term. The direction might read “fed the wood from the opposite direction of saw blade rotation”. In simple instruction, the carpenters have to push the wood from the direction where the saw blade facing down.

Using Featherboard

Many tutorial video shows how easy it is to cut a straight line on the wood. In reality, this requires a lot of practice. To help the first timers woodmaker, there is a tool called featherboard. Its wooden fingers would claps tightly to the wood and against the saw blade to provide guidance. It also prevents the wood from slapping back to the opposite direction.

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