Solar Flares Are On The Rise And They May Impact Your Day-To-Day Life

Solar Flares Are On The Rise And They May Impact Your Day-To-Day Life

Most of us are too busy with our lives to pay much attention to anything that’s going on in space or up in the clouds.

With that said, we have been paying a little more attention looking up recently between the solar eclipse and the severe hurricane situations currently happening.

However, the hurricanes and eclipse aren’t the only slightly unusual things happening up in the sky lately.

USA Today reports that, on September 8, NASA recorded the biggest solar flare in almost a decade, one of many flares since September 4.

A solar flare is a storm, of sorts. While hurricanes Harvey and Irma were sweeping across the sky, the sun was having its own explosive storms on its surface too.

There is no proven correlation between the two, but there are ways in which the solar flares can impact Earth, even without penetrating the atmosphere or coming into direct contact.


Our sun, being a star, is subject to its own explosive behavior, which at times can produce extreme weather patterns.

According to National Geographic, “Solar flares are giant explosions on the surface of the sun that occur when twisted magnetic field lines suddenly snap and release massive amounts of energy.”

Pixabay / skeeze

This kind of explosion produces massive amounts of radiation. In fact, as much as a billion hydrogen bombs, to be exact.

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