Smart Woodworking Tips – Refinishing Wood With Coconut Oil

Smart Woodworking Tips – Refinishing Wood With Coconut Oil

Instead of spending more money on commercial refinishing product, you could save some of your money by utilizing the items around you. Make note that refinishing process is not only for brand new furniture. It also applies to old and shabby wooden things inside the house. For example, the children table in the corner, the one which surface is covered with paper sticks and stain.

  • The Normal Way

Lay your hand on the table you are going to work with. There must be some unwanted stain you have to remove. In this case, you can’t directly apply the coconut oil on the surface. The stain shouldn’t be there, so the oil could slip inside the wood fiber and bring back the glow.

To rinse the table, you could use warm, soapy water. Pour warm water first on the surface, then apply gentle scrub, removing the sticky dirt. After that, spread the soapy water on the surface. Use unused toothbrush or washing sponge to clean the table. Applying circular motion would be favorable.

Rinse the surface of the table by pouring warm water. Let it dry. Take a dry rag from your wardrobe and a jar of coconut oil. For the coating process, you could ask the children for help, since coconut oil is safe for kids. Dip the rag to the coconut oil and rub it on the table surface. Again, apply circular motion. Repeat the process until all the surface is covered.

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