How to Set Depth Gauge – Saw Blade Tips

How to Set Depth Gauge – Saw Blade Tips

In some craft products, the required cutting skill is not only a straight or curved line only. There is another trick called depth cutting, often used in many crafting project. In order to get nice cut, the craftsmen should be able to follow several procedures and use special tools for help.

Designing the Cut

Before worrying about how difficult the cutting process might be, it might be better to start off with the design. This initial step will be  a great help, as it gives a clear pictures for which part should be cut and how deep the cut must be. There are a lot of ways to create the sketch: 3D computer design or simple paper sketch. In the end, the prepared design must be presented as drawing or blue prints.

The next job is to draw marking line for all wood components. Instead of thin line, aim for thick line. Mark clearly where to make curvy cut and straight line.

Drilling Holes and Indexing

After the sketch and marking done, now it is time to drill holes and making indexes. Previously, the marked wood must have several crossed point. Pick the 3/32 drill eye and start drilling on the edges. Be careful not to make the hole bigger than the blade cut. This template would make the cutting process far easier and faster later. These holes are the stop point for the blade.

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