5 Unique Woodworkers To Know In The Heartland

Photo credit: Wood From The Hood

Photo credit: Wood From The Hood

Wood From The Hood: Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis’ own Wood From The Hood stays true to its name: the inner-city woodworking group crafts all of its furniture entirely from discarded and reclaimed trees in urban neighborhoods around the city. Rather than allowing fallen trees to inhabit landfills, Wood From The Hood is committed to transforming the discarded lumber into something beautiful, whether be it a bench, barstool or cabinet. Keep your eyes peeled for the shop’s work in local breweries, like reclaimed wood tables in Surly Brewing Co. and wooden beer taps at Dangerous Man Brewing Co.

1767 woodworking nashville tennessee alive magazine st louis

Photo credit: Kate Dearman

1767 Designs: Nashville, TN
Located just outside of Nashville, 1767 Designs is a collective of creatives who are committed to crafting quality handmade goods while also offering interior-design services to commercial and residential spaces. 1767 focuses its woodwork in rustic wooden wall art, made of reclaimed wood from various Nashville-based homes prior to their demolition. Each piece contains unique lumber variants and wood grains, ensuring that no two pieces will ever look alike. Aside from wooden wall art, 1767 also offers handcrafted side tables and coffee tables with inlaid reclaimed wood pieces that make for a unique decor look.

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