40 Genius RV Hacks to Make Your Road Trips Awesome

6. Hang anything and everything with self-adhesive hooks

You can solve almost any storage problem with Command hooks. Use these handy items to hang everything from towels to jackets and utensils. They’re also a great alternative for hanging picture frames and curtains.

Use adhesive hooks for RV organization

7. Attach blackout lining to curtain panels

When you’re traveling long distances, blackout curtains are a must-have on any RV for a good night’s sleep.

To save yourself the hassle of putting up additional curtain rods, try attaching blackout lining to your curtain panels with Velcro.

8. Mount your iPad

Since space is often a premium in RVs, investing in a big flat screen probably isn’t an option. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite shows, though!

You can save a ton of space and watch movies on-the-go by mounting your iPad to a wall with self-adhesive hooks.

Ipad mount for watching tv while RVing

9. Keep critters away with tape

There’s nothing worse than finding an invasion of ants, spiders, or other insects in your RV.

To keep critters outside where they belong, place Gorilla Tape around openings or any areas where they might enter your RV. This strong adhesive will trap any bugs before they can get inside.

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